evansAbove Aerobatic Displays

Steve learnt to fly gliders with the Air Training Corps before he could drive a car

Caught between his dual loves of electronics and flying, he opted to a pursue a career in IT, and chose to fly for fun.

After attending Hertfordshire University for a degree in electronics, he joined the fledging Apple and PC industry in 1982, soon after which he started his own business which he succesfully ran for 26 years.

His company provided much of Apple Computer UK's official engineering and technical training courses for about 15 years, and as one of the lead trainers, Steve is still involved in running IT training. With his wealth of experience in teaching, Steve is patient and skilled in passing on skills, which makes him the ideal person to teach the demands and disciplines of both PPL and aerobatic flying.

Having sold his business in 2015, encouraged by fellow pilots and having been taught by some of the best flying instructors in the UK, Steve has set up EvansAbove, so that he can share his passion for flying with others. So, whether you want to learn to fly from scratch or want to explore the exciting world of Aerobatics, Steve will be happy to help you.

Steve believes that the only way to hone your skills in aerobatic flying, is to be judged by your peers and superiors, and that means flying in aerobatic competitions. For this reason he can be regularly seen competing at national level at the various events held by the British Aerobatic Association.