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Student Resources

To make my Students' lives easier, I have uploaded a number of documents and training materials for them to download and print where necessary. As my experience in teaching improves and with feedback from my current Students, I will be adding additional material on a continuous basis to this page.

Web Sites

Stapleford Weather (Met Office) Click Here : Free Access
NOTAMS (NATS) Click Here access thru: SEStudents/Password
NOTAM Map Click Here : Free Access
Rain/Weather Radar Click Here : Free Access

Education and Information

CAA Radiotelphony Guide CAP413 Click Here : Downloadable PDF, the "Bible" for RT phraseology

CAA Safety Sense Leaflets. Absolute must reads for new and established PPL'. Get them fro this page by Clicking Here
Pay particular attention to:

  • 01: Good Airmanship Guide
  • 05: VFR Navigation
  • 13: Collision Avoidance
  • 14: Piston Engine Icing
  • 22: Radiotelephony
  • 27: Flight in Controlled Airspace






Navigation & Planning

Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators (GAPAN) TOPNAV Tutorial for Students: Click Here
Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators (GAPAN) TOPNAV Tutorial for Instructors: Click Here
SkyDemon Lite: Click Here : Free Access
Want to Practive Nav for Free? Try this: GEFS-online



Student Lesson Log: Click Here to Download
A5 Cessna Checklist: To follow
Farnborough LARS Service: Click Here to Download
Southend Airspace Map and CTA numbering: Click Here to Download



Understanding Climbing Checks: Click Here
Understanding Landing ("bumf") Checks: Click Here