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Middelburg Fly Out

11th September 2018

Under Construction
This 11th September we are planning our first ever trip to Middleburg in Holland.

This Web page is under construction:

More details to follow.

We have introduced a Web-based booking system to assist with planning and logisitics and to streamline the process, so this is now the only way that we can accept a reservation.
You can book you place by clicking here.

To book your place, click on the link above and record your details. We will not be asking for a deposit, however please do not book a place unless you are certain you are available. Simple!!

Full briefing will be held on Tues 10th April at 08.00 at SFC to discuss routes, create Weight & Balance and fuelling plans. All pilots are strongly encouraged to attend.

We look forward to flying with you.



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Jamaal Robinson-matthews
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Michael Birbeck
Mario Papademetriou

Info for Middelburg

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Fly-Out T's & C's

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