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... and thankyou for visiting EvansAbove the home for Stephen Evans and his "Little Flying Mistress", the Pitts Special, G-OKAY

The purpose of this web site is to provide information on flying lessons with Steve, or for booking an aerobatic flying display with G-OKAY along with other services based on aerobatic aviation.

If you are interested in "Specials" in particular or aerobatics in general, I hope you will find this web-site useful.

As for the name? Well after having heard all of the "Evans" jokes under the Sun, it just seemed appropriate to name my enterprise after one of them.

Steve Evans

Latest News

WELCOME... to our new web-site!!
The home for Stephen Evans and his beloved Pitts Special aeroplane

Please feel free to browse throughout the site. Some of our pages are still under construction, so please be patient if some pages are not fully functional just yet.


Thankyou for visiting
Airshows and Dual flights available from Summer 2016

if you have any comments or enquiries, please feel free to contact the Steve Evans from the contacts page

Thanks again for visiting.