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PPL Purchase List

As a Student pilot, you will inevitably need to buy some resources to assist in passing the written exams, or to help you with planning and cockpit management. On this page you will find a representative list of the kinds of things you will need to get at some stage in your training.

Some of these items I use myself and can therefore vouch for them, as to where you buy them I have no recomendations as such, but I have included some links purely for your convenience rather than any endorsement.


  Trevor Thom Manuals, (Transair)
Try to buy a a set off of a retiring pilot (eg from eBay), otherwise: Click Here

Q&A QUestion Bank, (Transair)
These will aid your revision. Do not use as a substitue for reading the manuals, your (lack of) knowledge will be caught out VERY quickly !: Click Here



Headset; you have a question to ask yourself, am I serious about flying, or am I on a budget?
Mendelsson Headset  

BOSE A20 (Mendelsson)
If serious get a noise cancelling set from the start. My recommendation is Bose A20 without Bluetooth (you won't be using your phone in the air), its what I use and its great with a long warranty.

Click Here....



Or if on a budget, then there is this: Click Here
Mendelsson Pilot Supplies

  Kneeboard: (Transair) Used for organising your cockpit notes and PLOGS: Click Here
  Cessna fuel Dipstick: You are going to need your own as soon as you are expected to check out the aircraft, so get one in early. Transair (Fuelhawk Guage): Click Here



When we start on cross-countries you will need the following additional kit. Save on buying a GPS until you have finshed the course as you are not allowed to use them for the PPL course:



Chart: CAA Half-mil Southern UK chart (Gerrans/Transair)

There is no getting away from it you will need your chart. Go for laminated, and either non-permanent felt-tip pens, or chinagraph pencils. Chinagraphs are cheaper and easier to read in a bumpy aircraft, but harder to clean off the chart.

  Flight Computer: Pooleys CRP-1 This is the default flight computerused by most new PPL's
(Transair) : Click Here
  Round Protractor: (Gerrans/Transair) Slightly easier to use and more intuitive than a square protractor. Click Here

Wizz Plotter: (Transair) You can use for this for on-ground leg planning and in-flight Diversion planning.
Its a nice all-in-one that saves having to carry both a ruler and protractor on your kneeboard. Click Here

It also has the advantage of having a speed/distance -> time scale which makes estimating ETA's on Diversions an absolute doddle. You willonly understand when you try it in the air!

  Stopwatch: If your watch supports it you can use you own wristwatch. Alternatively a dedicated stopwatch mou8nted to your kneebaord is a handy addition. (Saturns Stopwatches).

This is relavitvely inexpensive
and offers Split (lap) Times for timings at way-points or navigation legs. Click Here
  ASA Stopwatch (Flightstore) is a bit bigger than most stopwatches but is designed for pilots. Usefully it has a count-down timer , great for Fuel leg timing on Warriers/Cherokees etc. Click Here