evansAbove Aerobatic Displays

G-OKAY and Stephen are available for Aerobatic and general Display flying

G-OKAY is fully certified for advanced-level aerobatics, Stephen holds a Commercial Pilots License and a Display Authorisation for Standard-level Aerobatics

This means that together they can provide an exciting addition to your airshow or private party.

Stephen has designed a series of sequences ranging from high-eneryy aerobatic displays throught to slower, photogenic and graceful displays. You can discuss and choose what type of display best suits your needs.


Call now to discuss your ideas for an aerial display on 07884 236873.



  • Cost effective
  • Flexible and Informative
  • Always a crowd pleaser
  • Variety of Sequences


Private Parties

  • Genuinely Different
  • Adds an extra dimension
  • Exciting and graceful
  • Can be choregraphed


For more technical detail and or no obligation discussion about your needs, call me now on (07884) 236873.