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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Please read the following information and Terms and conditions before booking your place. Places are limited, so first come-first served.

Club aircraft can only be hired with an Instructor

On a best-endeavours basis, two pilots will share the flying and the flying times spread as evenly as possible between them.

Pilots will be responsible for the direct hire costs of their leg of the flight, the Instructor will note Off-Block to On Block times

Where applicable a Non-returnable Deposit of 100 per person (pilot or guest) payable to SFC may be charged. This will be notified on the Flyout information web-page.

Where an overnight stay is planned, it is the pilot's own responsibility for booking

accomodation, you will be informed several days before such a trip where the Instructors will be staying and where a central rendezvous point will be.

SFC Aircraft availability: Priority will be given to Club Pilots and PPL/ATPL Students booking an aircraft WITH an Instructor, then Private Owners, then their guests.

SFC will charge a 10 administration fee to private owner-operators (per plane) to cover the Briefing and organisational expenses, this to be paid at the briefing.

Private owner-operators, will not need to pay a deposit (where applicable)

Places (either with a club plane or owner-operator) can only be accepted through our booking form.

Where a deposit is necessary (ie where indicated and when booking SFC aircraft), once the deposit has been received, your booking will be confirmed by eMail.

No deposit, no confirmation of booking.

Cancellations within 4 days of leaving will lose the deposit.

If the Flyout is cancelled due to weather, Deposits will be refunded or held-over on account.