evansAbove Aerobatic Displays

Personal Display

This is a 4 minute display that is designed to work in a small viewing area

The display is designed to fit into a box of 600m, with the display itself occupying a 800m "box", the idea being that where there is a restricted visibility for the audience (eg trees or surounding buildings)

The display confirms to CAP4xx, with manueovers down to 300' (or 500' if necessary to comply with Rule 5 of the ANO) upto a maximum of 3000'. Consideration is made for the audiance in that the full width of the crowd line is used with turnaround figures performed at the two ends of the line.

Typically two turnaround figures will be combined with regular changes from the "A" to "B" axes and back again to maintain a tight but balanced display that is both technically interesting and photogenic.

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4 Min Standard Freestyle

This sequence contaisn elements of Standard level aerobatics, with some Intermediate and Advanced level manouervers included.


The Sequence starts low to capture the auduiences attention then works it's way up to altitude for the more advanced monouervers

Finishing in a flat spin, where the audience are encouraged to participate in couting the rotations by the shpw commentator. This enagement of the audience is designed to enhance the experience of the public.

>>click here for Aresti Diagram

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Low-Level Option 1

This sequnce provides for a interesting display should cloudbase preclude access to 3000 for some of the more ambitious manouervers.


Advanced Manourvers

For a small sacrifice in timing, and some repetition, hig-energy loss manouervers can be included

These can included inverted spinning and a Lomcevak