Plates and Exercises for Applied IF Training


Welcome to the support page for Applied IF training. On this web page you will find training approach plates in support of aircraft operating out of Jerez airport.


All are in the form of PDF’s that can be downloaded to a Tablet, Smartphone or printed on A4 for a ring-binder.


These plates are under constant review through feedback from staff and students, and therefore this Web Site will be updated with the latest supporting materials. Please take the time to regularly visit and update your documents and Plate Version Dates.


Site last updated: 31/04/2022

Training Exercises, IF Plates and Training Notes

Section 1: Introduction to the Instrument Rating. Make this the first document you read ! Click Me APR 22
Section 2: Applied IF - Getting Started (useful things to learn before starting Applied IF) Click Me MAR 21
Section 3: The RBI and Single Needle Tracking Click Me MAR 22
Section 4: Holds. (everything you ever needed to know about holds, but were too afraid to ask) Click Me APR 22
Section 5: Final Approach and the "Drop-In" Click Me APR 22
Section 6: A4 IR PLOG (for PA34) in PDF {print double-sided, short-edge binding} Click Me May 22
Fly In Spain: Learning Objectives Syllabus Progress Checklist for Students Click Me DEC 21
PA34 En-Route IFR Checklist (print off as A5 for an A4 kneeboard) Click Me APR 22
FTE Jerez: Learning Objectives Syllabus Progress Checklist for Students Available on Req. JUN 21
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