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Stapleford Flight Centre

Scotland Fly Out

12-13th September 2017

This 12-13th September we are planning for the Scottish Highlands and Islands

The plan is to leave fairly early in the morning, and head to Shetland, then down the Great Glen returning along the west coast. This will be intensive flying with many hours crammed into just a few days. If the weather is predicted top be poor across the whole period, then an alternative will be to head for the south of France.

The route will be heavily weather dependant, so it will be a challenging and exciting, with 1 night stops and wide variety of farm strip and airport stops.

We have introduced a Web-based booking system to assist with planning and logisitics and to streamline the process, so this is now the only way that we can accept a reservation.
You can book you place by clicking here.

To book your place, click on the link above and record your details.

Full briefing will be held on the morning of the 12th September at 08:00 at SFC to discuss routes, create Weight & Balance and fuelling plans. All pilots are strongly encouraged to attend.

Given the length of this Flyout, a £100 deposit is required to secure your place, with spaces limited to just 6 people. Your reservation will be converted into a confirmed booking on receipt of the Deposit, which can be paid by calling SFC Reception.

We look forward to flying with you.



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