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Guernsey Fly Out

13/14 July 2017

This year we are planning to fly to Guernsey, via a stop for lunch at La Rochelle.

The plan is to leave fairly early in the morning, re-fuel at Lydd and then fly direct to La Rochelle for lunch. This will be followed by a flight up to Guernsey with an overnight stop.The following morning we will return to Stapleford after a hearty breakfast.

This is an ideal time to get some serious miles under your belt and hours in your log book, and as most people will be able to share the flight costs, it will not be as costly as otherwise flying solo.

This is a big event, with limited availability, so we suggest booking early to avoid disappointment on what is hoped will be the premier flyout of the season. Priority will be given to SFC members who book a plane with an Instructor as we want to try and encourage students and new PPL holders to join us in stretching their wings!

Cross Channel checkouts are included automatically with an Instructor, as is an inclusive briefing the night before for planning, help with GAR Forms, filing Flight Plans, W&B, fuel management planning etc.

We have introduced a Web-based booking system to assist with planning and logisitics and to streamline the process and this is now the only way that we can accept a reservation. You can book you place by clicking here.

To book your place, click on the link above and record your details. Then call SFC Reception, and pay your deposit for comfirmation. Simple!!

Due to the nature of the Flyout, we will be asking for a 100 (per person) deposit if you are booking an SFC aeroplane, or a 10 (per plane) contribution for administration if you are taking your own plane. In the case of the deposit, it will be offset against your flying costs on return from Guernsey.

Once we have your deposit, your reservation will be converted to a Confirmed Booking and your place is assured. It is important that once you have filled in the Booking Form, that you call SFC Reception on 01708 688380 to pay your deposit, as your place will not be assured until the Deposit is received.

Full briefing will be held on Wed 12th July at 19.00 at SFC to discuss routes, complete GAR Forms, file the Flight Plans, create Weight & Balance and fuelling plans. All pilots are strongly encouraged to attend.

We look forward to flying with you.


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The following people have booked:
Sue Rose
Rachel Sestini
Adam Knee
Michael Birbeck
Jamaal Robinson-Mathews
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John Maguire
Stephen Evans
Chandra Nauth-misir
Philip Singh
Sue Rose
Carl Miller
Rachel Sestini
Michael Birbeck
Saqib Raja
Anhar Ali
Servet Kurt
Adam Knee
Adam Knee
Saqib Raja
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Aidas Povilaitis
Annie Grebenyuk
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Takeshi Takahashi
Takeshi Takahashi
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Chandra Nauth-misir
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